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Affiliate  Marketting program:

At MTN we respect individuals that help give us business. We offer finder’s fee percentages on contracts given to us. We will give you a custom link your customers can click, when they visit it we will be able to tell you sent them. $10 + 10% per referral

Google adwords, blog post, instagram, word of mouth.

Affiliate Revenue
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Sales Commision

Are you in over your head?

Are you another agency that is looking for help on some of your projects? Maybe your agency doesn’t offer all the services one of your clients nees. Let us help reduce your stress and help you make money. Contact us today to see how we can help each other!


Let's make money together

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  • Competitive Prices: Let’s make this profitable for both of us
  • Quality Work: All work is done in house. It will be both efficient and of great work quality.
  • Confidentiality Assured: we can work as a representative of your company to keep our contract confidential
  • Fully Autonomous: Able to take to fully take on projects with minimal management from your agency.
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Have a good idea but low on money?

Lets see if we can figure out a deal! We know how hard it can be for new companies to get started.

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  • In depth knowledge of business laws and taxes to help you get started
  • Able to work for equity if funds are low
  • We are just normal people like you, willing to trade good or service you would like to barter
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