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My friend, Matt Katzenbach, just so happens to look identical to Bradley Cooper. Being a local to Park City, UT we made sure to attend the Sundance Film Festival with him to see what shenanigans we could get ourselves into. Immediately we were greeted with people swarming Matt asking for autographs, and photos. Eventually club promoters started inviting us into exclusive parties and shows; we were astonished any of this was actually happening. After an extremely long night out we woke up the next morning to a swarm of articles from publications such as: Page Six, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, and more. All claiming that this Bradley Cooper look-alike was terrorizing Sundance. One source claimed that Matt showed the bouncers a photo of Bradley Cooper, from the hangover, as proof of identification. Little did they know that that was actually a photo of him and his identical twin brother Scott. After reading all the articles I knew that we needed to act quickly and make a video to show hollywood the true identity of this Bradley Cooper Doppelgänger party crasher. I gathered all of our close friends and the next day we went back to the festival. The video was filmed in one day, edited in one night, and turned around for release the following morning. It was an extremely tiring, exciting, and hilarious video we all enjoyed making together.

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Bradley Cooper Doppelgänger articles:
Page Six 
Vanity Fair
People Magazine
U.S. Magazine 
Huffington Post
NY Mag

Producers: Cole Sax, Matt Katzenbach, and Mitchell von Puttkammer

Director: Cole Sax

Assistant Director: Mitchell von Puttkammer

Director of Photography: Colby Angelos and Cole Sax

Editor: Cole Sax

Assistant Editor: Colby Angelos

Camera: Canon 5D Mkiii

Special Thanks:
Devon Felton
Jason Allen
Martin Fox
Kirsten Fox

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